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Sun 26 May 2019
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One of the few dice games that still remain, craps is still as popular as it ever was. The game involves throwing the dice and gambling on the outcome of the roll. There are numerous opportunities to win the game, and many consider it a “rich man’s” game because so much of it involves chance.

Craps is actually derived from the Old English game Hazard, and some say it dates back to the time of the Crusades. Once the French got a hold of the game, however, it changed and is now closer to the game that we have today. It took a detour through New Orleans and became vastly popular with the African American crowd and grew in popularity from there.

In craps you have two main options for playing: you can bet against other players, which is known as “street craps,” or you can bet against the bank which is known as “bank craps.” The player knows whether or not they have won based on the outcome of either one roll or a series of rolls – which is determined at the onset of the game.
The best part about craps is that it can be played virtually anywhere, thus adding to the convenience and popularity of the game. When played in an environment such as a street game, side bets are extremely common and popular. In a casino, this practice is generally not allowed.

The beauty of craps is the multiplicity of betting options. There are so many possible ways of winning and/or losing that it beats any card game out there in terms of strategy and style.

Bank craps is played by one or more players against the casino that the game is located in. The casino covers the bets and sets the odds on payout. The player that steps up to roll the dice is called the “shooter.” The other players will make bets based on what they think the shooter is going to win. The shooter must bet the table minimum on either the “Pass line” or the “Don’t Pass Line.” These are commonly referred to as “Win” and “Don’t Win.” The player who is due to go next has the option of shooting or passing the dice. If they pass, the dice are passed around the table until they get to someone who wants to throw them.

The stickman offers the player five dice of which they will choose two and the rest go back to the bowl. The shooter throws the dice and gets a “come out roll” which is the point established for the round. If the roll is a 2, 3, or 12 it is considered “craps” and the players lose their pass line bets. A come out rill of 7 or 11 is a “natural” and pass line bets win, and don’t pass bets lose. If the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 are rolled on the come out they become the point and the roll is over. The dealers will move the puck to the point number which shows all players what it is. If the shooter rolls a seven pass line loses and don’t pass wins, and the dice is passed to the next person.

There are four people running the table:

Boxman: guards the chips and supervises the dealers. They also handle coloring out players

Base dealers: there are two of these and they stand on either side of the boxman. They collect and pay bets.

Stickman: they stand directly across the table from the boxman, takes the bets from the center of the table, announces results of each roll, collects the dice with a long wooden stick, and directs the base dealers to pay winners.

Each employee is responsible for both their job and making sure that the other members of the team are paying out winners correctly. If there is not a lot of business in the casino, the craps table can be manned by three employees, as one of the base dealers will not need to be there. This also closes half of the table for betting.

When shooting you must send the dice to the opposite end of the table so that they bounce back from the wall. The names of the rolls in craps are just as interesting as the game itself.

Two 1’s: Snake Eyes
Two 2’s: Hard Four
Two 3’s: Hard Six
Two 4’s: Hard Eight
Two 5’s: Hard Ten
Two 6’s: Boxcars

1 & 2: Ace Duece
1 & 3: Easy Four
1 & 4: Fever Five
1 & 5: Easy Six
1 & 6: Natural or Seven Out

2 & 3: Fever Five
2 & 4: Easy Six
2 & 5: Natural or Seven Out
2 & 6: Easy Eight

3 & 4: Natural or Seven Out
3 & 5: Easy Eight
3 & 6: Nine or Nina

4 & 5: Nine or Nina
4 & 6: Easy Ten

5 & 6: Yo or Yo-leven

Depending on where you live, these names will change somewhat as the locals put their own flavor on them. Some areas of the country call a nine a “Centerfield Nine” and the five is called “No Field Five.” It truly depends on where you live as to what the names are for the rolls.

Street craps is a much more informal version of craps, where you agree on a number as the point and then try to roll that number again before rolling a seven. In addition the other player will cover the bet of the shooter. If they bet “Don’t pass” they have to bet “Pass.” This covers the bet and ensures a win for one of the players.