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Sun 26 May 2019
Poker Freerolls PDF Print E-mail

Poker freerolls are tournaments with no entry fee or buy in though some poker freerolls requires you to have played or deposited money at some point before you can enter the tournament. In poker freerolls the prize pool is not an accumulation of the buy-ins from the participating players as it usually is in other tournaments. The money in the prize pool can come from a donation from the poker site, sponsorship etc.

In poker freerolls you often don´t have to spend any money to participate in the tournament and the prices is often money but it can also be merchandise, tickets to other tournaments or points from the poker site that you can use in their shop. There is also another kind of tournament; play money tournaments, not to be confused with poker freerolls. Even though they are free to play, there are 2 major differences. First of, you actually have to pay to enter a play money tournament even though it is just play money and second of you cannot win any real money as you can in poker freerolls.

In poker freerolls there are often many thousands of players participating which make them a little bit different from other tournaments. Because you don´t have to pay to enter some of the poker freerolls many of the players tend to play very unserious, at least in the beginning of the tournaments. Poker freerolls are great to play when you start to play poker or just for fun when you don´t want to spend any money but when you start to play other tournaments where you have to pay to participate you will notice that there is a big difference in the way the players play. 

The prize structure in poker freerolls is also a bit different than other tournaments. While you in other tournaments will have to make it very far in the tournament to get some money, you don´t have to go as far in most poker freerolls. So it is easier to get some of the money from the prize pool but even if you are in the money in a poker freeroll you will not get so much money. More players are paid but those who get paid don´t get so much.