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Sat 20 Apr 2019

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Party Poker Party Poker

To date, Party Poker is considered as one of the biggest names in poker rooms.

As proof, it has recorded as many as 70,000 people during its peak dates that other poker rooms surely pale in comparison to this staggering record. Its secret lies in the power of the tournaments it holds, as well as the efficient supervision it experiences under Party Gaming.

Software and Games

To download the software is a foremost requirement you have to fulfill before being in Party Poker. Once you’re in the lobby, you might find that the software’s interface is not exactly spectacular. However, its rapidity in getting things done without having too wait for too long a time is worth noting.

Though other softwares may seem to be more extravagant in graphics,Party Poker compensates through the speed with which it gets things done. More than that, you will find that there are a relatively generous number of poker variations which you can play in Party Poker. You can play Hold’em, 7 Card Stud or Omaha (and the respective hi/lo version of both) as you wish. More than that, you can also choose from either Limit, Non-Limit or No-Money games, inasmuch as the choice of how much of your money you wish to spend depends on you.

The tournaments of Party Poker are probably a main variable for its well-gained popularity. Party Poker is known to host one of the biggest tournaments in the world. In fact, this tournament has a jackpot prize of $1,000,000! Certainly, no other poker rooms are bold enough to lay down on the table as big a prize as that.

Aside from the more popular tournaments, Party Poker also holds SNGs, a.k.a., sit-n-go tournaments. What’s interesting about these SNGs is that they’re held only as single table tournaments, and you have the choice of joining limit or no-limit variations of such.

Bonuses and Promotions
Your initial deposit comes with a 20% bonus of up to $200. This will serve as a good foundation, especially if you are just starting with poker. Also, Party Poker administers a Player’s Club, where, like other casino and poker clubs, all you have to do is be loyal to the poker room and keep on playing to your heart’s extent so that you incur more and more points.

These points, in turn, can be used to play in freeroll tournaments as well as to purchase from the online shop of Party Poker.